Bottles For Swings

In December 2017 the NSW government released the Return and Earn Scheme  Рa rebate system allowing people to return bottles and cans for a 10c refund.

Around the same time, two of my children were talking about how much they would love swings and from there an idea was born.

Valentina and Cameron are two normal, everyday Australian kids that hang out together all day. They’re great kids who are curious about their world and love to explore it.

On the first week of the rebate being rolled out we had a look through the recycling bin and collected 11 cans and bottles that were eligible for the program. I put the coins in a jar and Valentina asked what we were going to spend the money on. She then asked if we could use them to buy a swing for her to play on with Cameron.

I said to Valentina and Cameron that any cans and bottles that we can find to go towards buying a swing for under the 40 year old elm tree in our yard. This was very exciting for both of them.

Straight away Valentina asked her Dad to have a look at his work and if Steve and Lyn next door could check if they have any spare ones. She asked me who else might have spare cans and bottles – so here we are.

Its more than just about the swing for these kids…

These kids care about the world they live in.

  • I’ve seen Valentina choose to clean her room so she could stay up and watch ABC’s War on Waste. When she saw images of waterways clogged with bottles her little hands went up in the air; “I don’t understand, its not hard to put it in the yellow bin?”
  • Both Valentina and Cameron know that food scraps and paper goes in the green bin and to check for the ‘triangle number’ before putting plastic in the recycling.
  • They make a game of choosing which reusable bags to take to the supermarket.
  • I’ve seen both of them watering the plants from the little rainwater catchment tanks
  • They love playing in the garden and enjoy finding new flowers.


How can you help Valentina & Cameron?

Don’t have time to claim your 10c rebate?

Give your cans and bottles to Valentina & Cameron as they learn about the rewards of saving and the importance of recycling. Eligible containers include:

  • Unbroken glass bottles such as soda and beer bottles.
  • Plastic drink bottles from 150ml to 3L (ie. Coke bottles) that still have the labels attached.
  • Plastic drink bottles & carton/paperboard for flavoured milk.
  • Uncrushed Aluminium drink cans.

To put it simply:  if this bottle or can would be consumed on a picnic and could end up in a waterway then it counts.
If its primarily consumed at home, such as 2L bottle of milk or a bottle of wine, then it needs to go in general purpose recycling bin.

Ready to donate cans & bottles for Valentina & Cameron’s swing?

Get in touch – to arrange pick up or drop off.

We are based in Bathurst NSW

Check back regularly to see our updated tally!