The Bucket List Map

This is our Amazing Bucket List Map.

This map is inspired by the American show The Amazing Race which sees teams complete to win $1million. Starting from Season 1, leg 1 I have pinned each location teams visited or completed a task.

What is pinned?

The pin is a location where teams completed a task, collected a clue or had a pitstop which usually resulted in a mandatory rest period and the end of the episode. Our pins show the same activity OR a fun think you can do in that place. The pins also include places they visited or stayed.

Why are the tasks different?

  • Sometimes the tasks involved things that we simply would not be interested in doing (ie. carting dead fish in a wheelbarrow up a hill in Norway).
  • Sometimes the location/attraction no longer exists
  • Sometimes the location is a double up so I’ll choose something else interesting in the area.

This map is for fun, feel free to share it and check back soon for more updates.